Mid March Improv

I know its only the middle of March and there will be plenty of cold nights ahead of us but once again,  Im met with a set up circumstances that inspire me to look way beyond conventional wisdom.   Warm soil,  dry field, rain in the forecast, tractor and rototiller in good shape, piles of seeds.. to me these combined elements are irresistible.  My first thought was to get out there and just start prepping land and as this was in motion,  I remembered that I had 100 pounds of winter rye seed in the barn.  I thought to myself, if Im planting winter rye in October wouldn't it do even better in March?  YES!  So in the process of getting the rye seed loaded and broadcaster bag together,  I remembered that I have a big bag of golden turnip seed from 2 years ago.  I thought to myself,  if Im tilling up all this nice fluff and the rain is coming I better see if I can grow a couple of crops for early spring sales.  Golden turnips, Black Spanish Radish and Rutabaga was what I managed to grab cause I left the tractor running.  There was no turning back with an hour before sunset I convinced myself that my selection was fantastic kimchee material and the rutabagas would come through for chefs who like the roots combo of turnips, rutabaga and tates.   Improvisational.
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