thank you 2015

Hello, Where did 2015 go?  It was a total pleasure to grow, harvest and communicate with you all this season. In the end I know if you were eating with me for the 22 weeks CSA season your still feeling REALLY good right now,  it was as diverse and vibrant as one could wish for.  The extended fall is reminding me of winter 2011-12,  a warm and no snow winter, the prospects of harvesting plants in the winter with an early december start sounds bleak under normal circumstance but today, Dec2 7am and its 45 degrees out.  The growth of the farm this season included the construction of a 28x84' greenhouse for spring transplants, peak ginger and tumeric and late season greens and flowers for salad.  Very pleased to announce that Kimchee Harvest is now prepared in Kitchen Wings, our new added value kitchen built out this summer with the help of sooo many people.  2 cows have joined the farm, Isadora the Guernsey and Blink the Jersey.  AND the hits keep coming inch by inch in the greenhouse, sowing seeds of winter greens.

2015 SEASON celebrates all our CSA members, rural and urban. 

Our hosts...

Haegeen Kim. chef.owner @ Dotory, 100% korean crunch, spice, warmth, full spectrum flavors, fresh, seasonally curated joint to frequent weekly this winter. for elegant gut health, DOTORY!  353 Broadway, 11211

Brad Miller. owner.chief @ Haymaker's Corner Store, vegan central and simple pleasures and necessities for your home and pets. Corner Ainsle+ Leonard

Chul Kim. owner.ring leader @ Kimchee Market, ready made, do it yourself kimchee time starts here EVERYDAY. corner of Mcguiness + Greenpoint Ave. 

Tim. neighbor.rock solid @ 91 St Community Garden, urban gardening at its finest, good cheer, joyful plants and people, sign up for a spot or cruise this garden for inspiration.  

So much gratitude and respect to all that joined up at the farm this summer

Helping hands at the farm: Sophie Gell, Aprile Ferrier, TeeJay, Chase Elder, Joel Horowitz, Martin Ljunggren-Abbasi, Casey Mullaney, Maria Dominicis, Yunmee Kyong, Jason Bogdenaris, Erwin Karl, Jasmina Djukanovic, Cindy Taylor, Rebecca Gaffney, Matt Primpas, Cassia Steinbruck

Friendly neighbors:  Bill and Kristofer Walcutt, Richard Thompson, Joyce DeVivo, Gerda VanLeeuweng, John Cowan

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