2016 CSA

Its the end of February and the seed orders are coming in and onions and celery seeds are about to sprout.  This wacky winter reached a new level of strange last night with low barometric pressure bringing a blustery rainstorm with thunder and lightening.    I have been chatting with Heidi Woolever from Edgemere Farm about collaborating on this seasons CSA in Rockaway.  I think it sounds like a great idea for many reasons... 1. When an island of abundance in a food desert connects with rural farms to trickle in crops throughout a season, DIVERSITY abounds  2.  Working with another farm to distribute and promote CSA shares boosts the quality of service in our supply chain to a new level with a productive feedback loop, from handling at the farm to preparing in your kitchen.  3.  With a shared vision of a healthier Rockaway, Edgemere Farm and Straight Out of the Ground CSA together will increase local food appreciation and consumption, which in turn fuels all the creative, environmental and social projects happening Rockaway.
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