Farm Stay

Our Greek Revival farmhouse has plenty of room for everyone! The house is spacious and bright and can accommodate individuals, couples and large groups. The Farmhouse boasts spacious bedrooms complete with four full bathrooms, two of which are private en suites.

Please feel free to text 607 242 7980 or e-mail for a pricing and description page of farm stays.  2023 Season, whole house rental(no kitchen) and individual rooms with private entrance continues and access to the kitchen is light duty. 

Our guests are booking with us for a handful of reasons: Here in the area to enjoy the countryside, especially for the hiking.   We host picnics at the farm and some folks like to stay close to their food source.  Friends and family of couples having a wedding at the Roxbury Barn + Estate like to stay with us, we are only a 1/2 mile away.