김장 Kimjang

김장 KimJang
김장 KimJang means making large quantities of Kimchee!

Sign up for a workshop with Ji Kim and make kimchee with  your friends, neighbors and family members.  Sharpen your Korean fermenting skills with Ji Kim at a workshop and get together with your KimJang team twice a year to make your own.  Best ingredients can be sourced from your CSA farm or local farmers market. 
ABOUT THE WORKSHOP The KimJang workshop is hands on and you will learn how to handle, wash, chop the ingredients, mix the sauce and orientate yourself with a generous and confident expression to promote good fermentation and delicious results.   Ingredients selection is always important and Ji promotes the use of local and organic produce, however Ji and many Korean women will tell you with out hesitation, that the tasty results in a kimchee come from the hands, yes the HAPPY hands that make the kimchee. Call it love, call it what you wish, but when kimchee is being made, you are creating an ecosystem for trillions of beneficial microbes to thrive and these tiny one celled organisms are sensitive to your deliberate intention, the intention expressed with your HANDS!  
The calendar is open to your suggestion.  First: get 4-5 people together that you can see yourself fermenting vegetables with forever.  Second:  e-mail kimchee//at//eastbranchfarms.com or call 6072427980 with the location, date and short list of people.  Third: We confirm the date and receive your $100 workshop deposit, remaining balance due at the workshop.  
for workshops include:
East Branch Farms: Roxbury, 52234 Rt 30. Preferably Wednesday, Thursday, Friday.

"Kimjang often happens in a family, but it also happens among all the community members in a town. Since Kimjang is basically an event in which a lot of people should gather, people can communicate each other and they also can socialize while making Kimchi. Moreover, they can share each other the different ways of making Kimchi as well as the Kimchi made by other members of the community. So, we can say Kimjang is one of the important ways of promoting solidarity and providing a sense of belonging among the community members in Korea."

If you have a bigger group, Ji can do that too. Photo by GROWNYC

Ready to go, big or small class size. Photo by GROWNYC

Scenes from a workshop at the farm. Photo by Marcey Brownstein

Scenes from a workshop at the farm. Photo by Marcey Brownstein