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Kimchee Harvest

BibimBap with meat

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Bulgogi,  translated in Korean, Bul (fire) Gogi (meat). Local and seasonal proteins this season are pastured chickens and grass fed beef. 

Farm Bibimbap means that our kitchen's produce is from our gardens and forests. The 'standard traditional' bibimbap ingredients have specific culinary qualities, balancing color, tang, salt, umami, etc... so the Bibibim/Mixed Bap/ Rice is jamming with textures and flavors in every bite. 


Please choose the day you wish to pick up, WEDNESDAY or FRIDAY.

If you order AFTER 9pm the night before pick up, your order will be ready the following week.  Individual banchans are for sale at the markets $15 each and in our farmstand, $12f

If you'd like to pay by check, cash or venmo, please email .


@ the farm, 52234 Rt 30, Roxbury, in the farmstand... if no one is in the farmstand, look in the little glass fridge for your NAME on a paperbag, its all yours. In the heat of the summer, the banchans are ok to travel, aka on the road to home and directly into the refrigerator and/or your belly, however, if you decide to dilly dally around we recommend you bring a cooler to store your bibimbap.


All our packaging is compostable, if you do not compost at home, bring the containers back to the farm to throw into our compost heap... a compost vessel outside of the farmstand is ready to receive your containers and kitchen scraps, PLEASE be careful not to include rubberbands, plastic debris, wrap or any other garbage we can not compost. Organic matter only, not the certified usda stuff but anything that can be broken down in a compost pile, paper, compostable bags, containers, hair, etc. Bones and meat ok, but your domesticated animal waste is NOt.

Any questions, dont hesitate, we like questions, without exception.

MONDAYs check our instagram page to see a list of our weekly produce and meat. 



  • Meet us in the field

  • Walk it out

  • friends eating under an apple tree.  a memorable full arching rainbow was in the sky.

    Eat with friends + family

We meet you in the field, walk out to your picnic site and enjoy farm style Korean food with your friends and family.