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Kimchee Harvest

Fermental with Ms. Kim

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Hands ON, Kimchee Workshop with Ji Young Kim.  You and Ji will prepare 2 types of kimchee to take home.

30-40 minute lecture about the history of kimchee, benefits of making and cooking food at home and developing your own flavor, health benefits of fermented food.  
1-2 hours preparing kimchee, 2 seasonal varieties
1-2 hours preparing lunch and eating together.
wrap up, pack your kimchee into jars to take home, (2) 1/2 gallons. 
$170 per person

Class time is 4 hours with seasonal Korean lunch included. Ms. Kim's Pantry recommendations and tips about how to use farm market vegetables and foraged foods to make your homemade sauces for banchans, salads and marinades.

8 person maximum class size.  

** vegan and vegetarian option is possible.  Ji is from Pusan where kimchee is typically loaded up with seafood, however Ji has recipes with maple syrup, kombu and fruit for vegan, vegetarian diets.   

Location: East Branch Farm, Roxbury, NY 12474.

Overnight accommodations and pick up from Trailways Bus, Arkville stop, please email

CANCELLATIONS:  2 weeks notice 3/4 refund.  Cancellations within 2 weeks of your scheduled workshop can be rescheduled for another date.  Things happen and we understand this and we will make fair solutions with open and honest communication. 

VOLUNTEERS: helpings hands are welcome, please email



  • Meet us in the field

  • Walk it out

  • friends eating under an apple tree.  a memorable full arching rainbow was in the sky.

    Eat with friends + family

We meet you in the field, walk out to your picnic site and enjoy farm style Korean food with your friends and family.