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East Branch Farms

Korean Perilla

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(50) leaves, fresh picked, organic.   

PLEASE READ for ez perilla.

IF YOU choose to pick up at market on Saturday, please leave a NOTE with your order, indicating the market name, Kingston, Fort Green, PAKATAKAN, MCcarren, UNSQ, Grand Army.

We assume all orders are for pick up this Wednesday at the farm or Saturday at market, unless otherwise NOTED with your order. 

*** we are hosting a Perilla Kimjang on August the 21, your invited to join up, rsvp here

  • Meet us in the field

  • Walk it out

  • friends eating under an apple tree.  a memorable full arching rainbow was in the sky.

    Eat with friends + family

We meet you in the field, walk out to your picnic site and enjoy farm style Korean food with your friends and family.