How To Eat My Kimchee

kimchee in bowl with wooden spoon


Kimchee is traditionally a side dish, commonly serve alongside rice to make for a more robust, complete and healthy meal. Some people like to enjoy kimchee on its own, straight out of the jar. For others the flavor and complexity make that a bit intense, but they still want to eat and enjoy it other ways. To make your Kimchee Harvest jar a versatile and worthwhile ingredient, we've compile some of our favorite ways to eat it, including some ideas from our wonderfully creative community members and customers.

Chop it up, throw it in, and enjoy the infusion of flavor and nutrients kimchee can add to any meal. Kimchee goes great...

  • Scrambled into eggs or in a frittata
  • Mixed into a stir fry or noodle bowl
  • As a star in kimchee fried rice
  • Featured in mac & cheese
  • Offered in tacos, nachos or quesadillas
  • Added to soups & stews
  • Fried up in savory kimchee pancakes
  • Melted on a grilled cheese sandwich

When you're getting to the end of the jar, you might have a lot of flavorful, spicy kimchee sauce left over. Don't throw that away! There are plenty of uses for that, too. 

  • Kimchee bloody mary (or any spicy cocktail really)
  • Flavorful soup broth
  • Spicy salad dressing
  • For slowly braising meats or poaching fish
  • Spicy green smoothie
  • The secret ingredient in a BBQ sauce
  • Grilled chicken marinade
  • or just drink it straight for a nice pick-me-up!

If you have ideas or want to tell us how you eat your kimchee, email, Instagram, or Facebook us, or come see us in person at a market or our farmstead.